Monday, October 10, 2011

Some questions for Christians

Why does God allow Satan to exist?
Why does God allow evil to exist?
Are good things good because God says so, or does God say so because they're good?
What were Jesus' last words? Had God forsaken him or was it all planned? If it was planned, why was Judas punished, being pivotal to the plan?
Why did Jesus have to die in order for God to forgive us?
Why must he have condemned us in the first place? Doesn't he make the rules?
What evidence/arguments can you give me for your God that Hindus and Muslims can't (and don't) for theirs?
How do humans share over a dozen ERVs with chimpanzees if we're not related, when these are the exact same kinds of genetic markers we use to determine relatedness with such certainty that no other evidence is necessary to sentence someone to life for murder in the US?
Why do bad things (random, uncontrollable things, like cancer) happen to good people, and more importantly, why do they happen just as often to good people as bad people?
If God answers prayers with "yes," "no," or "wait," wouldn't praying to your pillow have exactly the same effect?

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