Thursday, March 3, 2011

Technological Singularity

So last night, I had sort of an odd brainstorm regarding the technological singularity, a la Ray Kurzweil. I was watching Star Trek TNG with some of my friend when I realized that by the time we have the technology to build transporters and replicators, computers will be ridiculously powerful, and we'll combine these technologies to manipulate matter in extremely intricate ways. Before long, we'll be able to create just about anything wherever we want, whenever we want. We'll be teleporting and rearranging matter all the time, reshaping even our bodies. We'll be sharing information nearly instantly and reshaping the entire planet before long, ultimately becoming something like a massive cloud of hyper-intelligent matter that used to be Earth - a giant nebulous consciousness. We'll learn how to bend space and time and envelop the entire universe and live forever. In a sense, we'll become God.
That's how I hope it happens, anyway.

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